VANK came to life to deal with the ever-changing demands of architectural and technical design. With our engineering staff we welcome challenging projects like acoustic solutions.  We constantly adapt our products and technology to the needs of the dynamic workplace.




Architects and engineers who want to progress modern architecture understand that the negative reverberation caused by the widespread use of hard materials in buildings must be neutralized.

To avoid unwanted effects of sound such as reverberation, echoes and the reflection of sound it is necessary to implement sound-absorbing surfaces into the room. Soft, lightweight and porous materials are absorbent and can dull sound. It performs better than hard and dense materials such as concrete and metals. VANK acoustic panels act as absorbers and diffusers. They are classified with an alpha coefficient of 0.90, which means class A. Basically, the closer the number alpha is to 1, the more the material absorbs sound. For architects and developers, the alpha coefficient, is essential to calculate acoustic area of a space.  It’s the sum of each surface area S multiplied by its absorption coefficient α. The more surfaces that absorb sound, such as curtains, carpets, cushions and acoustic panels, the smaller the reverberation in the room and the better the speech intelligibility.


VANK offers acoustic panels in 6 forms:


DIAMOND - diamond shape

WAVE - wave shape

FLAT - smooth





and products like:


Wall panels
Desk panels Cabinet panels

Mobile walls and screens
Semi- open and closed office pods Acoustic furniture


Absorbent materials can help dampen sound in a room, however, it is not enough. These materials can reduce noise by a few decibels but an effective workplace needs a reduction of tens of decibels.
That is why VANK, a leader in acoustic competence, has gone one step further and developed products that address both the need for absorption and sound insulation to reduce speech volume.
VANK offers closed pods in 4 collections:

DIAMOND acoustic pods for 1 and more people:




WAVE acoustic pods for 1 and more people:


FLAT acoustic pods for 1 and more people:



ELLIPSE acoustic pods for 1 and more people:




There are 6 reasons why we recommend the use of pods in parallel with acoustic panels:





First, is to zone an area and isolate noise. An office space should offer different zones for different types of work and while at the same time isolate the most frequent noise sources such as a cell phones, video calls or group discussions. There are many sources that generate “acoustic smog”.

These sources are:

  • loud meetings and video conferences
  • people on the phone
  • office equipment such as printers, coffee machines, microwaves, air conditioning.

Modern computers generate noise at 10 dB. A whisper is 20. Normal conversations are around 55-60. The loud cry of a child oscillates at around 80. 100 dB is considered the threshold for health. To achieve soundproofing, mass is required. The multi-layered body construction, the use of double pane glass with high acoustic performance, seals, panels and fabrics, VANK pods produce high acoustic insulation. Acoustic insulation provides confidentiality and reduces speech level. The speech level reduction determines the extent to which the pod suppresses interior voices. The research proves that VANK pod performs at a high level of speech reduction of 30.7 dB.

Insulation from noise and reduced speech level allow for:

  • improved individual work and privacy
  • comfortable conversations and secure business meetings
  • concentration of people working outside the box

The box has a unique wall construction that includes multiple layers and provides excellent sound insulation. This helps to reduce reverberation both inside the box and in the surrounding area.

Tests carriedout in accordance with ISO 10140-2:2011 showed high sound insulation of the VANK_BOX at Rw= 45 dB.






The second reason is a new need, within the hybrid work model. The Covid pandemic has shown us the need for:

  • individual comfort for video chatting
  • social distancing
  • spaces that allow people to meet and exchange information




The third reason is to make it easier for companies to be ready for change. Flexibility in furnishing and castors allow the workspace to adapt to the needs of the organization.  The agile pods make it possible to rearrange the space for brainstorming sessions or recruitment interviews.




The fourth reason is the need for eco-friendly architecture.  Movable, easy to assemble and disassemble pods reduce the amount of construction waste in retrofitting due to relocation. They minimize investments to fit out the new office premises. Soft, lightweight and porous VANK panels are manufactured from post-consumer non-woven polyester with acoustic properties. The waste generated by end users - PET bottles - is recycled and reused. In this way, VANK does not create demand for new raw materials, reducing harmful emissions to help prevent climate change. PET material is produced in a recycling process and is also recyclable.




The fifth reason is a way to maintain balance between personal space and shared spaces. On one hand, we are social animals. Contact with others, interaction and touch is necessary. On the other hand, we also need the ability to remove ourselves from the group, for some “me” time. After recharging our batteries we can come back to our team with fresh enthusiasm and ideas.




The sixth reason is to strengthen the employer branding of our customers. Besides our 3 basic collections with different panel shapes, which promotes wellbeing. VANK has created special motivational series such as JUNGLE, GRAPHIC and GRAPHIC LIGHT, DARK and CREATIVE.  With such a wide range, we provide a high degree of customization. To be a happy worker, we need a break from the speed of the fast pace office. In silence we are able to analyze, reflect, and activate our creative juices. Well-designed acoustics have a significant impact on health and creativity:


  • reduce stress
  • enhances focus
  • improve short-term memory
  • decrease anxiety
  • improves immune system and sleep quality

Technological tools ensure comfort. Employees can use these tools even to check air quality or have a room booking system. With VANK, we can help you provide a safe workplace certified by European research institutions and made from materials sourced from the EU.


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