We develop the category of solutions that improve the level of comfort and concentration, that reduce the level of stress resulting from acoustic smog occurring in office environments and public spaces. The distinctive free-standing open and closed objects are created and manufactured according to the less waste idea - in order not to erect or tear down walls when the space is rearranged or when moving elsewhere.

We’re committed to social responsibility and sustainable development, where the needs of the current generation are satisfied without depriving future generations of the opportunity to use the same resources. In manufacturing, we use natural and biodegradable materials as well as recycled resources.

Being green is not a cliche. It’s an inner need. Rejecting passivity and having control over the entire manufacturing process, we can minimize the negative impact of our actions to the natural environment.
We make our products last as long as possible. 100% of our manufacturing takes place in Europe.

Acoustic pods
Acoustic panels and walls
Desks and tables
Office chairs
Conference chairs
Coffee tables
Storage and sideboards


VANK is a team of architects, engineers and craftsmen. We design and produce original furniture, modern chairs and tables, whose aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand with an expressive line. Our current challenge are technologically advanced acoustic solutions.