A new player has entered the market - a biomaterial-based form named VANK_CUBE. It was presented for the first time at ORGATEC 2022 in Cologne as an alternative to a traditional storage boxes made of wood or plastic. A single module resembles a box, but the system can also be used as a desk, a meeting table, a front desk, a shelf, or a storage space divider. The modular system is now available for purchase!

VANK_CUBE is a modular system of cubes made of flax and hemp biomaterial that makes it possible to set up an eco-friendly workspace for any size and purpose — and rearrange it easily. It also brings the ever in-demand flexibility to co-working spaces, event and trade show venues, start-ups, cafés or educational institutions when interior customisation comes into play. Thanks to the natural material and color scheme, it will be a great choice for those who appreciate minimalism, Japandi, or boho styles.

VANK_CUBE has been awarded a Special Mention in the Excellence in Business to Business - Office Solutions category in the German Innovation Award 2023 competition.

Design: Anna Vonhausen

VANK_CUBE system: a lectern, sideboard, coffee tables and poufs

A coffee table with a storage function

A coffee table with a storage function

Circular design for climate neutrality

VANK_CUBE addresses the expectations of new generations, who value offices being designed and furnished with concern for the environment and with reduced CO2 emissions in mind. This is consistent with the individual values that the new generation considers important, and is one of the main non-wage factors for young jobseekers.

VANK_CUBE units are manufactured with the application of modern technology making use of a biocomposite based on soft flax and hemp fibres. These plants absorb CO2 from the atmosphere during their growth phase and convert it into biomass through photosynthesis.

VANK_CUBE is therefore a product with a much smaller carbon footprint than other storage systems or typical office furniture. In addition, it is based on fast-growing fibrous plants that are annually renewable, do not require irrigation or fertilisation, and are safe and human-friendly due to their natural origin. Thus, it is a collection designed in accordance with the principles of sustainable growth, contributing to the development of the circular economy and the use of renewable bio-resources.

A high desk

A high desk

Building is for everyone!

Modularity means that a number of VANK_CUBES put together can be used as a desk, a workshop meeting table, a front desk, a lectern, a storage unit, a container, a shelf or a space-dividing unit. Thanks to the flexible ‘building block’ and a set of dedicated connectors and fasteners, it is possible to create many different furniture forms and modify them as necessary virtually without limits. It takes only a few moments to transform a set of desks into an event setting: a meeting area with seats and side tables, a front desk, a bar, or a project space with high meeting tables, a lectern, and shelving units.

The possibility of furnishing an office the agile way, in line with the “office everywhere” concept, became especially important during the health crisis and has since remained a mainstay of the hybrid work model. It aims to create a flexible and user-friendly workspace that fosters creativity, collaboration, and employee well-being.


A double desk

The system, based on a lightweight cube made of biomaterial, offers the opportunity to easily arrange offices and co-working spaces according to the changing needs of not only the user, but also the entire organisation. This feature is particularly important when the size of the leased space, the number of employees and clients, the functions of individual rooms, and the general arrangement of the office change frequently. Incorporating the system into well-established and rigidly structured companies makes it possible to break down hierarchies and blur the lines between individual departments. The easy assembly and disassembly means the possibility to set up temporary offices or exhibition spaces at trade shows, conferences, and workshops.

Fresh ideas and ripe fruits of collaboration

The design supports creative teams, social interaction, the art of improvisation, and the culture of collaboration, but also lets individualists working remotely do their job in a fun and natural environment - it’s compact and lightweight home office equipment.

The infinite number of module functions translates into vibrant, fanciful spaces that resemble a playroom and encourage dynamic problem solving.

A meeting/workshop table

A meeting/workshop table

A mobile storage containerA mobile storage container

Adaptability to changing needs is of the essence

VANK_CUBE offers a very useful storage function — the user can decide whether to expose or cover the items kept on the shelf by changing the direction in which the cube faces or by using additional panels that also serve to stabilise the seat.

A front office (BIO_light)

A front office (BIO_light)

Interior designers and users can create new forms and turn existing furniture into original, imaginative compositions. This is made possible thanks to the multitude of elements that complement the cube, including tops, fasteners and connectors, side panels, and plates made of VANK_BIO biomaterial, a base with castors or an upholstered seat cushion.


Beige and brown cubes bring a natural look to the interiors. VANK_BIO material emphasises the imperfection of nature and its uniqueness creates a new value for interior designers and architects. Matt textures and roughness inspire more trust today than the perfect, shiny, smooth surfaces of synthetics.


Narrow, lightweight tops with depths to match the dimensions of a single VANK_CUBE unit are made of hardwood plywood with oak veneer and optionally coated with water-based varnish in green, orange or violet.

Workspace design case study

Arup's office in Warsaw is an exemplary model of how a workspace can be both friendly to the environment and people. Together with Arup and Workplace, we are creating a new direction in design. The project involved dozens of experts of various specialisations: neuroscience in architecture, design and lighting and ecological solutions. Environmental friendliness, less waste all the way and re-use were key tenets of this incredible project by Workplace.

Photography: Adam Grzesik


The exhibitions

The Cube system has been showcased at various events such as Orgatec 2022 in Cologne, The Greener Manufacturing Show 2022 in Cologne, MaterialDistrict 2023 in UtrechtWorkspace Design Show 2023 in London, Architect@Work in Zurich, Hamburg and Warsaw, Vienna Design Week 2023, and Designers' Saturday 2023 in Oslo.

Now it will be exhibited during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven (21-30.10.2023). The system can be finished with countertops that have been made from hemp lumber instead of hardwood plywood as an experimental alternative.

Vienna Design Week 2023

Dutch Design Week 2023, Isola Design exhibition