Interior design: Workplace
Project coordination: Zero Waste Design
Photography: Adam Grzesik
Year of the project: 2023
Products used in the project: 

Together with Arup and Workplace, we are creating a new direction in design. A new Arup office space has been created in Warsaw. Centred around the regeneration of people and the planet. The project involved dozens of experts of various specialisations: neuroscience in architecture, design and lighting and ecological solutions. Environmental friendliness, less waste all the way and re-use were key tenets of this incredible project by Workplace.

This translated into:

  • selective demolition and #reuse of elements from the previous tenant, including ventilation, toilets and suspended ceilings
  • more than 90% second-hand furniture
  • recycled, natural and prototype materials
  • including mycelium, hempcrete, flax and hemp, paper and compressed seaweed Comfortable for users and planet-friendly.

The project included ELLIPSE_BIO panels and VANK_CUBE, which can change its forms both inside and outside the workshop room.