We're thrilled to invite you to VIENNA DESIGN WEEK from September 22nd to October 1st, when you'll experience the Re_Hemptation exhibition which shows the potential of hemp, flax and other annual plants as alternatives to traditional materials.

Join us for two exciting events - Hemp Talk and Hemp Evening! It’s a chance to meet with designers and manufacturers of innovative hemp products in the wood, furniture, and food industries created with an eco-friendly and zero-waste approach.

  • Saturday 23rd October, 3 pm - Hemp Talk
    Exhibition tour, product presentation, testing delicious hemp meat, networking with designers and manufacturers.
    Vienna Design Week building, Laufbergergasse 12
  • Monday 25th October, 6 pm - Hemp Evening 
    Exhibition, product presentation, testing delicious hemp meat and panel discussion with the representatives of brands: Husarska Design, Green Lanes - owner of Hempeat and VANK. They'll be discussing the use of hemp and flax in industry and how annual plants can help with the challenges posed by the European Green Deal. Due to the limited number of participants, please contact us: natalia.sochacka@vank.design.
    Polish Institute in Vienna, Am Gestade 7

Don't miss out on these incredible experiences. We can't wait to see you in Vienna!

RE-HEMPTATION exhibition
Vienna Design Week 22.09-01.10.2023 r.
11 am - 8 pm, Laufbergergasse 12 Free entrance