LONG poufs
VANK_LONG is a footrest or seat with a distinctive line of semicircular cushions drawing on Bauhaus minimalism. Resting on flexible upholstery straps, it guarantees a special user experience and a high level of well-being. This circular collection is about sustainability in the first place. It makes use of textile industry waste, limited-edition zero waste natural leather dead stock, and organic latex filling. Also, the design allows easy disassembly and recycling of components after use.

LONG is designed for relaxation, waiting, and meeting areas where first impressions matter — in offices, hotels, and other public facilities, but also for home offices and living rooms. It fits perfectly into classic, minimalist or loft environments.

The footrest comes optionally with an armchair from the same collection. The collection is modular — fasteners and connectors make it possible for the user to put together endless rows of seats. Their base is a black metal frame that emphasizes their industrial character.

Design: Anna Vonhausen